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Welcome to my website. My name is Károly LÁZÁR, I am machine engineer, graduated from the Budapest Technical University (BME) and I took the engineer-specialist degree in knitting and garment manufacture on the same university. I started my career on the Department of Textile Technology and Light Industry of this university, I worked there as senior lecturer and joined also to research works. Nine years later I changed and joined to one of the largest Hungarian knitting factory, Habselyem, I was chief technologist, later developing chief engineer at this company. Beside my daily work I taught on the Hungarian College of Craft and Design, on the Budapest College of Light Industry and also gave courses to workers of the textile industry.

I gave many lectures to textile conferences in Hungary and abroad and published a lot of articles in Hungarian and foreign technical journals. I am author and co-author of several technical books on textiles and especially on knitting and I am author of many articles on textiles in the Hungarian Great Encyclopaedia. I am responsible editor of the online technical journal Magyar Textiltechnika (Hungarian Textile Technology) and I give lectures on textile technical conferences and continuously publish technical articles also nowadays.

Now I am technical expert in textiles and garment manufacture, I prepare expert’s reports as well as translations of technical articles. I am member of the leadership of the Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE).


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